• Where do you deliver?  We deliver locally within a 20 mile radius of our Bemidji MN storefront location (722 Paul Bunyan Drive Northwest, Bemidji MN, 56601)
  • How long does shipping take?  Transit times depend on where you are ordering from and what day.  Depending on which service is chosen it can be anywhere from 4-5 days or overnight!  Its typically best to try to keep your shipment under 3 days if possible.
  • How will my order be shipped?  Each order is packed with care using insulated cartons with either frozen gel packs or dry ice.  All products are shipped frozen.  Main carriers used are FedEx and UPS.
  • Do I need to be around the day my shipment arrives?  It doesn't hurt to be there the day of to make sure all is in order with your shipments and they arrive in a quality condition.  If you are from the North like us you will likely have additional time but customers living in the southern reaches of the US may need to consider being there for your parcels arrival.  Remember, all items are perishable!
  • How can I tell my meat arrived in good condition?  If it is frozen or cool to the touch you have a quality shipment!
  • How do you handle returns?  Returns are dealt with on a case by case basis though we take every step possible to make sure our valued customers receive their goods in the condition we would want to receive them!